Basement Fire Alarm System Setup

This page will outline the setup of the fire alarm system I keep in my basement, including a description of the alarm components, pictures, and a video of alarm activation. ***PLEASE NOTE***: this system is my own and is NOT hooked up to a monitoring station, and thus, no false alarms were reported and no crimes were committed. PLEASE for your safety, and for the safety of others, DO NOT do this in a public building unless there is an actual fire emergency.

Basement_System_3_5 Basement_System_3_6
Basement_System_3_4 Basement_System_3_3

Current Setup (Updated 5/23/14):

Control Panel: Simplex 4010-9101

Smoke Detectors: Simplex 4098-9714

Heat Detector: Simplex 4098-9733

Pull Station: Simplex 4099-9003

Alarm Signals: Wheelock MT-24-IS & LSM-24

Panel Settings: Signal Coding: MT horn/strobe does Code-3
                           Other Settings: 20 minute auto-silence

System Setup Video: Click here to watch!

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