System Sensor MASS24110ADA
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Model: MASS24110ADA

Operating Voltage: 20-30 VDC

Strobe Intensity: 110 cd

Notes: This signal is “multi-tone”, meaning it has more than one tone to select as the alarm tone. Tones include: Slow Whoop, 800 hz continuous, 800-1000 hz alternating (aka: “Hi-Lo”), 2400 hz interrupted, 2400 hz continuous, 1200 hz interrupted, Swept Frequency, and Fast Warble. The tone selection involves a combination of metal clips being attached and detached from the signal (see picture 6). Another version of this signal was also made (MAEH) that produced other different tones. Sadly, the MA series of signals is no longer produced.

Quantity in collection: 1

Media: Audio: Slow Whoop, 800 Hz Continuous, 800-1000 Hz Alternating, 2400 Hz Interrupted, 2400 Hz Continuous, 1200 Hz Interrupted, Swept Frequency, Fast Warble.
           Video: Vid 1, Vid 2.

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