System Sensor MDL
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Model: MDL

Operating Voltage: 11-17 VDC or 21-30 VDC

Notes: This is a sync module. It is used to synchronize the signal hooked up to a notification appliance circuit (NAC). More specifically, it allows the audibles to sound in unison as well as make all the strobe lights flash at once. It also allows for the silencing of the audibles while allowing the strobe lights to continue flashing on the same two-wire pair. Also, this module as a built-in temporal (code-3) pattern option to code horns/audibles that do not have their own built-in coding options. However, if the option is used, a separate module must be used to synchronize the strobes, as the temporal option codes both signal outputs on the module and strobes are not allowed to be installed on a coded circuit. As is typical with sync modules, multiple sync modules may be interconnected to operate in unison.

Quantity in collection: 1

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