Type 1

This page details Type 1 of the voice evacuation installation. This type of installation can be found in numerous buildings on campus. Such buildings include the Lecture Centers, the main portion of the Campus Center, the main University Library, the Performing Arts Center, and the Physical Education building.


These are the Simplex annunciators installed. The main panels are Simplex 4120s, and are installed in mechanical/electrical rooms. The panels you see on the left are remote annunciators. The one on top is the primary remote unit (also known as a Remote Command Center), as this one can allow responders to give emergency voice instructions over the fire alarm speakers. It is composed of many components. The display is model 4100-1292, the mic is model
4100-1244, and the switches are model 4100-1255. The panel on the bottom is mostly for quick system responses, like to acknowledge an abnormal condition or even reset the system without the need to give voice instructions over the alarm system and is model

These are the speaker/strobes installed: Wheelock E70-24MCWs, which means the alarms are multi-candela.

These are the remote strobes installed. Like most buildings, they’re Wheelock RSS-24MCWs, which means, again like most buildings, they’re multi-candela.

These are the signals outdoors. They’re weatherproof RSSs. Like the weatherproof ASs, these are 180 candela, and the candela rating drops with decreasing temperature.

The systems are programmed play a chime twice, do 2 rounds of slow whoop, play a message 3 times, and then do slow whoop until silenced. The system is also programmed for audible silence, where when the system is silenced, the alarm stops sounding, but the strobes keep flashing until the system is reset. Also, all of the strobes in the systems are synchronized, and do one flash before the sound starts.


As with a lot of the buildings on campus, the smokes are still addressable Simplex TrueAlarms, consisting of base model
4098-9792 with 4098-9714 photoelectric heads.

Beam detectors (model 2098-9207A) are also installed in some places. The most common place to find them is in the library, but these can also be found in the ballroom of the Campus Center as well.

And as usual, the pulls are addressable T-bar pull stations, Simplex model 4099-9001. Only the main library has Stopper covers over the pulls due to a bad series of malicious false alarms in April of 2008. For those who don’t know, when the covers are lifted, they emit a loud siren sound that is supposed to draw people’s attention to the pull station and the person doing the prank will either get caught or run away.

And that’s Type 1 voice evac!

BONUS: Click here to see the system in the lecture centers in action, click here to see the system in the Campus Center in action, click here for a simulation of the full alarm pattern, and click here for a live clip of the alarm from startup!

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