Type 1A

This page details the Type 1A installation for non-voice evacuation systems. As noted, these account for the majority of the buildings on the Podium. The buildings that have this setup are Business Administration, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Fine Arts, and Earth Science and Mathematics.

So, here are the details about installation Type 1A. The pictures will be on the left, and a detailed description will be on the right.


These are the annunciators. These are located at the entrances to each building and are Simplex model 4603-9101. The main panels are Simplex 4120s, but they’re not visible, as they’re installed in mechanical/electrical rooms.


These are the horn/strobes installed: Wheelock AS-24MCWs. These are installed in most areas, including individual classrooms. The only places these aren’t installed are in individual offices, and bathrooms. These alarms are multi-candela.

These are the remote strobes installed: Wheelock RSS-24MCWs. These are in all of the restrooms as well as any “run-off” corridors that don’t require a horn/strobe, but still need strobe coverage. These alarms are also multi-candela.

These signals are installed in the University Art Museum. They’re the same model AS except they’re white instead of red. This is so that they blend in with the wall in the museum, and don’t take away from the quality of the art. The Art Museum is part of the Fine Arts building, but these are only installed in the art museum - the rest of the building has red ASs like the rest of the campus.

These signals can be found in a renovated area between the Humanities and Education building. They are the Wheelock Exceder series, model HSR. The AS series was discontinued on March 31, 2010 and since the renovations took place after that date, the installers were forced to install the Wheelock Exceder series.

These are the signals installed outside the buildings: Wheelock ASWP-2475-FRs. These are only at the entrances to the buildings. Unlike the alarms installed inside, these are 180cd (the candela rating gets lower as the outdoor temperature does).

All of the signals (strobes and horns) are synchronized,
and all horns are set to code-3.


These are the pull stations installed. These are addressable, and are Simplex model 4099-9001 T-Bars. These are installed at all the stairways and exits in a building.

And finally, these are the Simplex smoke detectors installed. These are also addressable, and are base model 4098-9792 with
4098-9714 photoelectric heads. These smokes often go by the nickname TrueAlarm. These are installed everywhere with the exception of bathrooms.

And that’s the Type 1A installation!

BONUS: Click here to see the system in the Education building in action back when ASs were installed.

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