Type 1B

This page details a setup that is similiar to Type 1.1. This exact setup can be found in University Hall.

There are no visible annunciators in this building, but I do know that the alarm system is a Simplex 4100U, located in the Fire Command Center on the first floor at the entrance.


These are the horn/strobes installed: Wheelock AS-24MCWs. These are installed in most areas, including single-toilet bathrooms. These alarms are multi-candela.

This is the only outdoor signal: a 6” bell, which odds are is just a sprinkler bell. It’s mounted above an exterior door, which is probably where the fire pump room is located.

All of the signals (strobes and horns) are synchronized, and all horns are set to
code-3. The system is probably set up to do audible silence as well. There appears to be no remote strobes in this building.


These are the pull stations installed. These are addressable, and they are Simplex model 4099-9003 T-Bar pull stations. These are installed at all the stairways and exits in the building.

And finally, these are the Simplex smoke detectors installed, both of which are addressable. The top one is base model 4098-9792 with 4098-9714 photoelectric heads, AKA: TrueAlarms, and the bottom one is a beam detector used in the atrium area of the building. The model # is unknown at this time.

And that’s the Type 1B (University Hall) installation!

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