Type 2

This page details a Type 2 installation of voice evac. This type of installation exists in the Arts and Sciences Building. Like the Science Library, this one is pretty interesting...


This is the annunciator. It is the same as the rest of the annunciators on campus (Simplex model 4603-9101), it just has a different trim. This is just a remote annunciator to control basic system functions, and not specific ones, like give announcements over the speakers. The system is once again a Simplex 4120, but like the rest of the buildings, it’s installed in an electrical/mechanical room in the building’s basement.


These are the speaker/strobes installed. They’re from Simplex and are model 4903-9150.

These are the remote strobes installed: SmartSync TrueAlerts! These are installed everywhere strobes are required, including classrooms, individual offices, and even in the stairwells. The model # depends on the candela rating.

All of the indoor strobe lights flash in synchronization.


Unlike what I thought before, there IS an outdoor signal for this building, although it’s hardly noticeable. On one side of the building, there’s a Wheelock MT-24-WM. Like the others on campus, these are 117cd (the cd rating drops with the decrease in temperature). HOWEVER, unlike the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics buildings, this signal is set to code-3 horn, instead of continuous.

This system, although unique, sounds and operates like the rest of the voice evacuation systems do. The above signals are the primary signals throughout the building. HOWEVER, in the basement, they have a computer tech room, and in there are a whole bunch of goodies...

System2 System

Look at all the stuff! On the left, we have what looks like a smoke detector, a Wheelock E90 speaker/strobe (presumably for the main building system), and yes, that’s a Wheelock 7002! In the pic on the right, we have a panel of some sort, and a Wheelock MB-G10-24. All of the stuff is in an unauthorized area, so I couldn’t go in (thus, the reflection on the door in the picture on the right). However, there were signs hanging outside the doors saying “HALON SYSTEM DISABLED”. The signs are lightable, so if it’s lit, it is what the sign says. It is also tied to the main building fire alarm system, so that if the halon system is disabled, it shows up as a trouble on the system. Given this fact, I believe that the system you see in the pic on the right is a halon system, and the Wheelock 7002s (there’s several of them) are the halon system alarms. I believe the speaker/strobe you see next to the 7002 is for the building, which is kind of odd, as the alarms as you see above are not Wheelock alarms, they’re Simplex. I’m guessing that for some reason, they couldn’t get a ceiling mount alarm, so they had to purchase one from Wheelock. But I’m also guessing that the alarm is a retrofit (it was added after the building system was installed). For all you alarm buffs out there (and I’m sure you are one if you’re viewing this page), they had 7002s installed in the hallways outside the room (as well as a Federal Signal Vibratone with HALON on the strobe), so here’s a close-up of one right outside the door:


(yes, 7002s are wall AND ceiling mount alarm models).

With that abnormality now out of the way, on with the rest of the main building system...


Like so many of the systems on the Podium, the smokes are addressable TrueAlarms, base model 4098-9792 with 4098-9714 photoelectric heads.

But, in office corridors, these are what can be found - beam detectors (model 2098-9207A)! That little device on the right is a remote indicator (model 2098-9207RA) for the beam detector. The Power LED flashes in unsion with the beam detector’s LED. The remote indicator also has trouble and alarm LEDs.

And again, these are the pulls, Simplex 4099-9001. The only difference is the way they’re mounted, as most of the buildings have them surface mounted, and these are semi-flush mounted with a trip plate around it.

And that’s Type 2 voice evac!

BONUS: Click here of a simulation of the full alarm pattern!

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