Type 2A

This section of the site focuses on the Type 2A installation of non-voice evacuation systems. This particular setup can be found in most of the science buildings: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The only one that doesn’t have this setup is the Earth Science building, which has the Type 1A installation. This type of installation is pretty similar to Type 1A, the only thing different is the signals that are installed.


These are the annunciators. These are located at the entrances to each building and are Simplex model 4603-9101. The main panels are Simplex 4120s, but they’re not visible, as they’re installed in mechanical/electrical rooms.


These are the horn/strobes installed: non-addressable, SmartSync Simplex TrueAlerts. The model #s on them depend on their candela ratings. They’re called SmartSync signals because all of the alarms are able to be synchronized with eachother using a SmartSync control module. It also allows for seperate horn and strobe operation while using only 1 pair of wires.


And these are the remote strobes installed. Again,
non-addressable, SmartSync Simplex TrueAlerts. And again, the model # depends on the candela rating of the alarm.

Weatherproof_MT Weatherproof_MT_2 Weatherproof Advanced

These are the outdoor signals. The signal on the left is the original outdoor signal; Wheelock MT-24-WMs. Some of them have quit working properly and have been replaced by the other two signals you see. The signal in the middle is a Wheelock MTWP-2475W and the signal on the right is a System Sensor P4RK, interestingly enough.

All of the signals inside (horns and strobes) are synchronized with eachother and the outdoor signals operate independently. On that note, the signals outside are set to continuous horn, and the signals inside are programmed for code-3.


Continuing the similarity trend, the pulls are the same as well: Simplex addressable T-Bars, model 4099-9001.

And as with the rest of the buildings, these are the smokes installed addressable Simplex TrueAlarms. They’re base model 4098-9792 with 4098-9714 photoelectric heads.

And that’s the Type 2A installation!

BONUS: Click here to listen to what the building sounds like from outside during an alarm!

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