Type 2B

This installation is similar to type 2A, but it does differ slightly. This installation can be found in the Life Sciences building.


This is the remote annunciator. It is Simplex model 4603-9101. The system is either a Simplex 4120 or 4100U, but again, it’s installed in a mechanical/electrical room.


These are the horn/strobes installed: non-addressable, SmartSync Simplex TrueAlerts. Again, the model #s on them depend on their candela ratings.

And these are the remote strobes installed. Again, they’re
non-addressable, SmartSync Simplex TrueAlerts, and again, the model # depends on the candela rating of the alarm.

There are no outdoor signals with this installation. All of the signals inside (horns and strobes) are synchronized with each other the horns are programmed for code-3.


As with the rest of the buildings, these are the smokes installed addressable Simplex TrueAlarms. They’re base model 4098-9792 with 4098-9714 photoelectric heads, AKA TrueAlarms.

And these are the pulls: Simplex addressable T-Bars, model

And that’s Type 2B (Life Sciences)!

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