Type 3

This page details Type 3 of the voice evacuation installations. This type of installation can be found in the SEFCU Arena on campus, which was built around 1992. Again, this setup is a bit different from the rest of the buildings.


These are the Simplex annunciators installed. The main panel is a Simplex 4100, and is installed in a mechanical/electrical room. There are two of these installed, both in the main arena by emergency exits (not at the main entrance, oddly enough). Because this annunciator is custom made, there is no single model # for it, but it is composed of a 2975-9190 cabinet and 4100-0402 and 4100-0405 LED and LED/switch modules. Also, the LEDs are labeled by zone, indicating that although the system is addressable, it is set up in a
non-addressable manner.

SA_Speakers3 SA_Speakers4 SA_SpeakerStrobe1

These are the signals installed. The signal on the left is a 2902-9717 flush-mount speaker, the signal in the middle is a 2902-9711 LifeAlarm speaker, and the signal on the right is a 2902-9711 LifeAlarm speaker on a 4903-9501 retrofit plate with a 4904-9105 strobe light. Not pictured, unfortunately, is the 2902-9711 LifeAlarm speaker speaker on a 4903-9101 retrofit plate. The first two speakers can be found throughout the building, while the signal pictured on the right can be found in the trophy room. The 4903-9101 signals can be found in the weight room. Also found in the arena itself are two sets of these cluster speakers:

SA_Detector1 SA_Detector2
SA_Detector3 SA_Detector4

These are the smoke detectors installed. The first one is model 2098-9201. The second one is an unknown model, however it is a beam detector. The third picture is also a beam detector (System Sensor model BEAM1224), however, unlike the first one where it relies on a receiver to be at the other end, the second one simply requires a reflector (seen in picture 4) to reflect the beam back to the detector.

SA_Pull1 SA_Pull2

Finally, these are the pull stations installed. They are Simplex model 4251-20 T-Bars. Some of them can be found under Stopper II stations so that people won’t pull them maliciously.

It is unknown if the voice evacuation sequence is the same in this building as in the other buildings, although it is a possibility.

And that’s Type 3 Voice EVAC!

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