Type 4

This setup exists in the Science Library, and is the most diverse of all the buildings on campus.


This is the remote annunciator. It is a Notifier LCD-80TM, and it is addressable, which means the whole system is addressable. The main panel is probably in a mechanical room (or an electrical closet), like the rest of the buildings.

SL_Advanced1 SL_Advanced2

These are the signals. The first signal on the top is the main signal throughout the building, a Wheelock MT-24-LSM. The strobe is 15/75 cd (15cd on sides, 75cd when in front of it). The signal you see next to it is the current version of the Wheelock MT. The strobe on these is also 15/75cd, making the model # MT-241575. These replaced a few MTs in the main lobby, presumeably because the old MTs weren’t working for some reason. Although not known, I’m willing to bet these signals do code-3. The third signal you see is a Wheelock RSS-241575. These were the original remote strobes installed in the building. The reason for the different types of strobes is because when the RSS was created, the old version of the MT was still being produced, and was kept in production until 2002, when Wheelock finally redesigned it with a horizontal strobe.

The two signals you see on the bottom are System Sensor SpectrAlert Advances, models P2R and SR, respectively. The reason for these being installed is that in 2008 portions of the Science Library got renovated and with those renovations, more offices were built, so they needed to expand signal coverage, and these are the signals the installers chose to install.

Notifier_Smoke Sci_Lib_Beam SL_Detector

These are the smoke detectors installed. The first one is a  System Sensor smoke detector. I don’t know the exact model, but it is the 2451 series. Notifier (the maker of the panel above) has probably rebranded these for themselves, and find some way to make them addressable. The second one is a beam detector. These are only installed in one place - the main lobby, and that’s because the lobby goes through all 4 floors of the building (excluding the basement). So because of the high ceiling (that plus the ceiling is a glass skylight), they installed beam detectors. I am not sure what the model of these are either. The third one is a new Notifier detector (FSP-851 head in a B710LP base) installed in the areas that were renovated back in 2008. These have also replaced some of the original detectors that no longer functioned.


And these are the pull stations installed. Fire-Lite makes these stations (or at least they used to - the model has been discontinued), and as you can see, Notifier has rebranded them using their name. The first pull station is model NBG-101LX. These are key reset, instead of hex-lock reset, like on most models, and like the smokes, they’re also addressable. The second pull station is model NBG-12LX. Again, these were installed in the areas that got renovated in 2008, and since the BG-101LX was discontinued before then, these are what they installed.

And that’s Type 4 (Science Library)!

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