Non-Voice Evacuation

Here is where it gets defined by building. There are four types. Types 1 and 2 account for the majority of the buildings, while types 3, and 4 account for the minority of the buildings. Clicking on one of the four types details that system setup, and explains what buildings have that type. So, click below to explore!

Please note, that these systems do NOT account for the systems installed in the dorms - they only account for the buildings on the Academic Podium. Types 1A and 2A were installed mid-2001, Type 1B was installed around 2004-2005, Type 2B was installed around 2002-2003, Type 3 was installed around 1993-1994, and Type 4 was installed around 1998-1999.


Type 1A

Type 1B


Type 3


Type 2A

Type 2B


Type 4

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